AhimsaZone अहिंसा क्षेत्र

About Us

AhimsaZone is an initiative to bring awareness about aspects of our day to day lifestyle, which knowingly or unknowingly results in Himsa to others. For people, who are interested in following Ahimsak lifestyle, we try and offer alternative products and solutions that follows strong principles of Ahimsa. We have just started in April 2017, and are going through early stages of gathering and publishing information.

Our validation of Ahimsak products is based on what is commonly acceptable amongst most Bharatiya communities as Ahimsak and then validating it against a more stringent interpretation of Ahimsa. For example, many communities do not consider honey as a non-vegetarian or Himsak product where-as certain other communities do. In such cases, we adhere to the more stringent definition and will not include / recommend products using honey.

Our endeavor is to bring awareness and the ability to lead a Ahimsak lifestyle without having to go through the pain for searching, validating and procuring Ahimsak products for day to day use.

All the content, blogs, images etc are owned by AhimsaZone and/or it’s affiliated members.

Anyone wanting to reproduce the content from AhimsaZone website can do so after taking prior written permission. You can write to us info(at)AhimsaZone.in